MBI DATA SYSTEMS, Inc. was founded with the intent to be a total solutions provider of computer networks and internet services. These services include corporate networks, remote access, physical and virtual servers, data center infrastructure, network hardware and cloud services.

As an added value to our customers we also maintain proficiency in many computer hardware & networking products. We won't treat your network like a commodity.

MBI Data Systems, Inc.  Statement of core values:

o The Customer is king - We take responsibility and ownership for customer challenges with service above sales

o Honesty & integrity are paramount - To build a lasting relationship trust must be established

o People first - Customers, Employees & vendors will be treated with respect and honesty through communication, Innovation & teamwork

o Time is money - We deliver value through prioritizing time

What we can do for you:

One of our main product offerings is Network Integration. With the proper sizing of Servers, Switches and routers you will obtain an efficient running network with out the frustration of constant downtime. We offer a wide range of physical server as well as the virtual

Another of our main product offerings is internet and cloud services. We support both servers and desktops on a cloud based platform. As part of that service we offer host web site services. These services supports programs based on HTML, Java®, VBScript®, Oracle®, CGI/Perl Scripts, Linux OS, Microsoft Windows IIS, Sharepoint as well as a host of both POP and Hosted Exchange email services.

Why choose MBI Data Systems over our competition?

We take responsibility for keeping your network and/or web site up and running.

Our attention to detail means less downtime for you!

On going training in web design, networking, hardware and software systems Testing, Testing, Testing. As any good carpenter would tell you "Measure twice cut once". what this means a working deployment not a bug filled setup. Don't be fooled by our company size!

We have access to the same tools that larger firms have but without the large overhead. Our size confounds the bureaucratic systems found in larger firms. The reason why we specialize in small and mid size businesses is because we have an acute understanding of their needs.

MBI Staff:

Michael Iannuzzi, Founder & Chairman:

Since the mid 1980's Michael has been exposed to the many changes and developments in the information technology field. Starting with VAX/VMS and UNIX computer networks and moving into the newest PC' network systems & Web site development applications. He has also gained experience through hands on use of software systems for manufacturing and accounting. His founding of MBI Data Systems, Inc. was a natural transition due to ongoing involvement with technical associates and placed in management/operation positions in several businesses during these past 2 decades.

Kevin Kenniston, Field Service & Network Support Team Lead:

Kevin has been a part of MBI since 2002. He attended Boston University Corporate Education Center where he received his Windows 2000 Administration Program training. He is A+ Certified and specializes in PC and PC repair. Kevin is also a Microsoft certified professional and has worked with many systems including MS-DOS, Windows 2000 Professional, server and Advanced server as well as Windows Networking.

Marie Meisner, Finance and Accounting Manager:

Marie has been a part of MBI since the early 2000's. She is well versed in HR, Accounts payable and Receivables. Because of her skill set Marie has control of all the HR and accounting systems here at MBI Data Systems, Inc.

Customers Speak:

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