"I really like the way MBIís personnel communicate. They discussed the key computer issues with me in layman's terms so I could better understand what we needed to do to keep our database safe."

The Leahy Group,
(New York Life) Waltham, MA

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Data conversion

Data conversion services can be used to give you a truly paper-less office by usingweb based forms entry and retrieval. Simply put we can tailor a system that allows any data to be entered either by a web based form or by scanning and storing your existing paper data for use on an internet/intranet retrieval system.

With such a system you can:

Reduce or eliminate the storage and associated costs of paper documents

Reduce time consuming paper document searches

Increase technical service efficiency

Return your customer service department to a profit center

Data migration

Are you thinking of moving to a new hardware or software package but would like to keep your existing data? This is where data migration services come in. MBI Data has moved data between many different operating systems such as VAX/VMS, MS-DOS, UNIX, LINUX, Novell and others. We also have tools to read data from PRO-IV, ISAM, dBase, MS-Access, MS-Excel, Quatropro, Lotus 1-2-3 etc. and place this data into a flat ascii text file.

Data transfers

Do you fantasize about upgrading your PC or servers existing hard drive to a larger capacity but dread the thought of having to copy each data file individually to the new disk or lose them. MBI Data has tools and techniques to make this dream a reality. In fact we have migrated data from one system to an other and kept all the data intact including the desktop shortcuts and icons.

Online Data Vaulting

Data Vaulting is a service for backing up your valuable data to an off-site location. MBI Data Can securly backup your data using the latest encryption and compression tools.

The best part is that no other hardware is needed and no tapes to wear out, break or misplace. No matter how large or small your data set is we can handle the most demanding jobs.

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