MBI Data Systems business continuance & data recovery services!

At MBI Data we offer our customers many choices when it comes to data recovery. However a more proactive approach is to plan for business continuance rather than disaster recovery. With today’s many data protection options we can implement products and services to minimize or even eliminate downtime. Products such as drive mirrors, RAID, tape backups and the software to support these products can assure your business that downtime will be kept to a minimum.

The other service we offer is data recovery. This service recovers or retrieves that data which was lost during a system crash or a virus infection. When anyone loses data it is a terrible thing, but when you put your trust in MBI Data Systems to recover it, you are in good hands. We can recover your data at a cost-effective rate with our high-performance technologically advanced service.

MBI Data Systems provides data recovery services for a wide variety of areas, including: data lost from tape backups, removable and optical media, and hard drives. We specialize in recovering data from all types of media, and systems, etc. If you would like our services in data recovery, just give us a call and we will discuss the issue and give you some options/steps to recovering your data. You will not be charged for this initial phone consultation.

Once your media is received here at the office, there is an immediate assessment that will diagnose the problem and find a solution. A comprehensive report will be filed and an estimate will be made concerning the cost of the work. This information will be discussed with you as soon as possible. We will most likely be communicating with you on a regular basis during the service/recovery process.

We at MBI Data Systems promise a fast, effective, confidential and complete recovery of your data at a cost-effective rate. We look forward to and are happy to help you in your data recovery needs.

Questions/Comments:info@mbidata.com or call (508) 541-1057