How Can MBI Data Systems, Inc. recover data even after a virus or parasite strikes?

Thousands of viruses and parasites are running rampant these days and that is why its very important that every computer owner carefully safeguards their computer. Here at MBI Data Systems, every computer that we service is first examined and guaranteed to be free of viruses.

If you think that you may have a virus on your computer, MBI Data would like to help. We are specialized in finding what virus is on your system and what the damages may be to your computer. Our virus removal tools and techniques assures you that the virus will be exterminated from your computer with the smallest possible detriment to your data.

We have the specialized in-depth knowledge of software virus structures and we use the latest software tools to make the recovery of your data very probable.

Once we are done with your computer, MBI Data Systems will advise you on what are the best measures to take to guard you from future viruses.

Virus prevention systems

In these modern days of networked PC computers, viruses and parasites are a widespread issue. These programs attack thousands of people’s computers with no remorse and can cost you a great sum of money. They also cause unbelievable amounts of work for computer repair technicians.

Every week, computer magazines report on new viruses to watch out for. In order to guard against these new viruses, one must think like a virus; where would one hide and how would they get to your network? Usually, those viruses use the E-Mail system to enter your computer. Almost every business has its own e-mail account with messages from other businesses, family, friends, and the very occasional junk mail. Ninety-nine percent of email users do not think before opening their mail, whether it is junk or good mail. This is how most of the virus gets into your network, by attaching to that mail! Not only can viruses make their way to your network through your e-mail services, but also through the World Wide Web.

This new route that viruses use is more of a challenge for technicians. Because we continuously search for new security leaks, we have found holes in some web browsers in the last couple of months. These holes can be used by unethical web site executives to launch viruses into your network when you visit their sites.

This can also be guarded against simply by using a virus protection product which can easily be found at any computer store. Another good sign is that browser technicians are usually very great when it comes to mending these holes after they are found. Floppy disks can be another route that a virus takes to enter your network. Although it is becoming more rare, it is still possible. If you use floppy disks, it would do you good to take the necessary precautions against virus infection through a floppy. The best safeguard against this type of route is to install a good virus protection program on each of your computers.

We all have received countless e-mails with the words “WARNING! NEW VIRUS!” in the title of the message. Although these messages do not cause any damage, they are an annoyance and cause paranoia throughout the company. Yes, viruses are very widespread, but they are not everywhere. Just by opening an e-mail message is, 99.9% of the time, not going to launch a virus onto your computer. If you have successfully installed a virus protection program onto your computer, a virus should not infect it.

As you can see, safeguarding your e-mail and computer systems from those pesky viruses is crucial. Using a virus safeguard program is imperative to protecting you from virus infections. Using these tips will greatly reduce the risk of virus infections.

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