Would you like to integrate your web site with local applications? MBI Data systems, Inc. can help with this process. With suites of network integration tools you can bring many of your existing applications to any computer that has Internet access. This process is know as Virtual Private Networking or VPN. Products such as Citrix®, VNC, Symantec pcAnywhere™, Sharepoint® and Microsoft Terminal Services just to name a few, can also provide access to vital applications and information. To secure this access we recommend two-factor user authentication tools such as smart cards or tokens.

These systems can provide:

• Workforce mobility• Remote office connectivity• Information integration• Application deployment• Business continuity• Access security

Please let us show you how any of these systems might fit into your organization.

We have included some tools to help you in accessing your corporate network or VPN
Find your Internet IP address
MBI R&D Test VPN (Note: Due to constant configuration changes, this site may be down occasionally.
Trace Route from MIT Servers
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